TAL-BassLine-101 1.41 & TAL-U-NO-LX 2.41 updated 17.04.2014

We updated TAL-BassLine-101 and TAL-U-NO-LX-V2. This update adds a global MIDI Program Change switch to disable MIDI program changes. We had to remove default preset loading while starting a new instance to allow a clean loading of the plug-in state in some hosts. We also fixed that

  • Default preset loading while loading a new plug-in instance removed. This fixes a preset loading issue in ableton live OSX.
  • MIDI program change disable switch in menu.
  • Automation-Lag in ableton live fixed (1.41, 2.41).

TAL-BassLine-101 & TAL-U-NO-LX updated 17.01.2014

We updated TAL-BassLine-101 and TAL-U-NO-LX-V2. This update fixes possible MIDI automation problems in mixdowns and other offline audio rendering processes.

Soundset by Sounds for Synth 08.11.2013

Sounds for synth released a commercial preset bank for TAL-BassLine-101. The bank also includes presets that make use of the new FM Filter modulation feature. Enjoy the demo tracks:

TAL-BassLine-101 & TAL-U-NO-LX updated 22.09.2013

We updated TAL-BassLine-101 and TAL-U-NO-LX-V2. This update includes important bug fixes and new features.

  • Windows re-scaling issue fixed (version 1.31, windows only).
  • LFO rate out of sync fixed (version 1.30).
  • Sequencer redrawing after reloading UI issue fixed (version 1.30).
  • Random generator for sequencer added. Click on a sequencer step number to use this feature (version 1.30).
  • Tune label added (version 1.30).
  • New slower synced LFO rates added (version 1.30).
  • MIDI program change stops processing fixed (version 1.30).
  • Delete MIDI learn in the context menu added (version 2.35).
  • LFO rate out of sync fixed (version 2.35).
  • Missing synced LFO trigger fixed (version 2.35).
  • Tune label added (version 2.35).
  • MIDI program change stops processing fixed (version 2.35).
  • GUI refresh (version 2.35).

AAX preset recalling issue fixed 03.09.2013

We updated TAL-BassLine-101 and TAL-U-NO-LX-V2. It fixes the preset recalling issue in Pro-Tools. Download and install the plugin again for the update.

TAL-BassLine-101 v1.218 and AAX released 31.08.2013

It's a long time ago since the last update. We are proud to finally announce the release of TAL-BassLine-101 version 1.218. This release includes AAX support for Pro-Tools 10.3.6 or higher and Pro-Tools 11 and introduces some new features as FM-Filter Modulation, delete and insert steps in the sequencer, the possibility to record host automation with Midi Learn and a lot more.


  • AAX support for Pro-Tools 10.3.6 or higher and Pro-Tools 11 added.
  • Filter-FM for all waveforms as source added.
  • Sequencer Insert, Delete, Length Global and Velocity Global added.
  • MIDI automation can now record host automation.
  • Keyfollow scale fixed for values > 0 and < 1.
  • Better user interface performance while reading automation.
  • More stable sequencer host-sync.
  • Record sequence with MIDI and host sync fixed.
  • Portamento Linear sample-rate bug fixed.

New Filter-FM features:
Choose a VCO waveform as source and add control the FM-intensity with the horizontal slider. Filter-FM modulates the filter cutoff with the source signal. Use a lot resonance and a low cutoff frequency to hear the effect.

no image

New sequencer features:
Click at the top of the step to get the context menu.

no image

TAL-BassLine-101 1.11 released 29.07.2013

Release of TAL-BassLine-101 version 1.11. We weren't able to build the PPC version anymore because of technical issues.

  • Serious CPU issue fixed that was introduces by version 1.04 (version 1.11).
  • No PPC support anymore (version 1.11).

TAL-BassLine-101 1.10 released 27.07.2013

Release of TAL-BassLine-101 version 1.10. This release brings the black UI back. Just click in the top left corner to switch the user interface to black. It also includes a switch that allows it to disable the noise floor. This switch is located in the bottom left corner (Noise F).

  • Change the color to black with a click into the top left corner (version 1.10).
  • Noise Floor switch added. Disables the noise floor if set to off (version 1.10).
  • Enter key does open splash screen fixed (version 1.10).
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TAL-BassLine-101 1.04 released 23.07.2013

Release of TAL-BassLine-101 version 1.04. This release includes improvements and additional features like a new arpeggiator mode and swing support.
  • Swing feature for arpeggiator and sequencer (50-75%) added (version 1.03).
  • Arpeggiator mode "As Played" plays notes in wrong order fixed (version 1.03).
  • Arpeggiator mode "As Played Reverse" added for compatibility (version 1.03).
  • Envelope LFO mode fixed. Plays only at the first 50% of the period (version 1.03).
  • More reactive faders (verison 1.03).
  • More intense parameter smoothing for attack, decay and sustain controls (version 1.03).
  • Midi export now produces overlapping notes for steps set to slide (version 1.03).
  • Ordered synced LFO rates (version 1.03).

TAL-U-NO-LX 2.27 released 19.07.2013

Release of TAL-U-NO-LX-V2 version 2.27:

  • Preset loading issue after plugin update fixed. (Version 2.27).
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